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Our hunting lodge is situated in the western side of our shoot in the picturesque valley of Ragyvástanya next to the highway 14 km from the town of Ózd. It is accessible on the Ózd, Szentsimon, Hangony Kissikátor route. The two floors contain three double rooms, which can be enlarged according to your needs. A living-room, a kitchen, and a bathroom make our hunting lodge convenient . Accommodation is provided for 11 Euro per day per person, according to preliminary registration.Here are some of the sights in the area:
Guests of the house hunting.

Hangony came into existence in 1939 from the union of Asló- and Felsőhangony. It was first mentioned as Hangun and Hangonfew in 1327 . It was named after the Brook Hangony. In connection with the castle we know only one single authentic contemporary certified data from 1297, when it was stated during a lawsuit that the owner of the castle was Hangonyi Péter’s son ,Máté. Biriny castle.

  Lake Hangonyi.

Csikvári writes about the church in the monograph of Borsod county: „ probably the Örsúr family built up its round church, which after the reconstruction suggests the style of Romanesque.”It may have been built in 1312.


After relaxation the inner space of the Catholic church means a real artistic experience. Feszty Árpád’s daughter, Feszty Masa’s -who lived and created in Domaháza between 1976-1979 - oil paintings made it intimate. In the village the DOMA-HÁZI hostel is available for 50 guests with comfortable, hygienic accommodation, with a kitchen, and cooking out possibility.

Hunter Company Hunter Green Hangony Field House map.

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