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Introduction.Our shoot was founded in 1934 by our predecessors on the area of the borders of the villages of Hangony, Kissikátor, Domaháza and Borsodszentgyörgy on nearly 8-12 thousand hectares. After the end of communism, the new hunting law and the changes in ownership, the size of the area is currently 4430 hectares, where two professional hunters are employed.. As our territory is woody in character, we possess beautiful (red) deer, roe, and wild boar breeding stock.

Displaying Hangony Zöldmező Vadásztársaság on a bigger map.The territory of the shoot is situated in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county 14 km to the west from the town of Ózd and it can be reached on the Ózd-Szentsimon-Hangony-Kissikátor-Domaháza route. In the North the area is bordered by Slovakia, in the West by the border of Nógrád county, in the South the line of the borders of the villages of Domaháza and Kissikátor and in the East it spreads on the line of Lake Hangonyi to the border of Slovakia.VT.MAP
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The "crowned king" of the Hungarian forests is indigenous in Europe and in Middle East. You can find red deer in the biggest number in Western Europe, but Eastern Europe (specially Hungary) gives habitat for the world's finest quality red deer population. Red deer is the main big game in Hungary. The highest quality is found in provinces Zala, Somogy and Baranya. In the forests of the Western and Northern Transdanubia, Northern Mountains you can find smaller trophy deer. Geography and climate combine to assure an ideal environment for red deer. The red deer lives in oaken, gallery forests, matured forests where he can find hiding and coolness.Their trophies are the antlers, which the male replaces every year.

For stag hunting the best time is the rutting season. The rut usually begins at the first days of September. Stags can be shot usually from high seats or by stalking. After the rutting season you can participate in culling hunt from November till the end of January. During this type of hunt hinds, calves and wild boars can also be taken. The percentage of the medals is 30-35% of the culling


The roe deer lives in Eurasia. This species is our most abundant big game and is practically present all over Hungary's hunting areas. The finest population lives along the Rivers Tisza and Körös in the provinces of Szolnok and Békés.Their trophies are the antlers, which the roe buck replaces every year. Word record roe bucks were found in the country's forests.

The open season for the bucks starts on 15. April. By this time the bucks have cleaned their antlers and they are still visible in the low vegetation. Mating begins from about mid July and lasts for 2-3 weeks. It is a truly unforgettable experience to see a buck jumping in for deer calling.We hunt for roe deer from high seat, by stalking and from horse carriage. Hunters can combine the roe buck hunting with wild duck and collared dove shooting o wild boar hunting on grain and stubble fields in the summer.


The wild boar is indigenous in Europe, Asia and North Africa. You can find this species in Transdanubia, Northern range, in Pilis Montain. Some of them live on the Hungarian Great Plain. The habitat of the wild boar is the broad-leaved forest with widespread underwood, wet ground, swamp and marshland. You can find this game in coniferous wood, bushy terrain and sometimes at reedy lake-shore and in fields.Their trophy is the tusk.

There are different methods of hunting. You can hunt from high seat or by stalking which is by full moon the nicest. The summer wild boar hunt on ripening grain fields is very exciting. The small driven wild boar hunt is very pleasant shooting for 5-6 hunters. During this type of hunt hind, jinnock and calf can also be taken.The top of the wild boar hunting is the well organized driven hunt. The big drive is hold in a big terrain with a large number of professional drivers, beaters, dogmen and boarhounds. You can shoot only wild boar and 1-2 foxes in the drive.There are some fenced areas, where the daily bag can be between 50-60 piece. The wild boars inside the fences are not one bit tamer than those outside the fences, because the animals are captured from the wild.

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